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Welcome to the St. Petersburg State University of Trade and Economics website.

Happy New Year!!!

St. Petersburg State University of Trade and Economics trains the highly educated professionals for trade and public catering since 1919.

For decades, our University is in demand among entrants, students and businesses that require highly trained specialists.

385 teachers form a solid team whose experience, knowledge and a constant striving for self-improvement are the key to the effectiveness of the educational process. There are 21 departments and twelve of them are headed by professors, doctors of sciences.

About 9 thousand students study at the university. Students are given the opportunity to choose full-time or correspondence courses.

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The structure of university includes 5 faculties:

Today our University is a modern educational, scientific and technical center which includes: the academic buildings, two student's hostels with 1200 places. The academic buildings have an assembly hall with 850 seats, a gym, and library. We are proud of our library as having a book fund of more than 1 million volumes, three reading-halls with 170 seats. The library subscribes to more than 150 different newspapers and magazines that provide invaluable assistance to our students in their studies. A dining room and four student's cafes with 486 seats are in the service of our students and teaching staff.

University pays much attention and makes efforts to provide students and staff with modern computer facilities and software. The classrooms and laboratories are equipped with the modern hardware giving opportunity to work on the Internet. The University is also presented in the global information space. There is the web site containing standard, educational and methodical materials to support the educational process.

Training is conducted in three areas:

  • programs for bachelors;
  • programs for masters;
  • postgraduate study.

We can proudly say that the faculties with all departments, R&D Center and also Center of Additional Education make the University of Trade and Economics one of the leading higher educational institutions in the country in the trade and public catering sphere as for years of the existence the university trained about 70 thousand highly qualified specialists for trade and public catering and other branches of industry and service.

Despite the age of our University, we are open to innovation and progressive tendencies in science and education as well as we welcome the collaboration with other educational institutions, research centers both in Russia and abroad.


Our contacts:

Address: Russia, Saint-Petersburg, Novorossiyskaya st., 50.

Postal code: 194021

Rector’s Reception: fax: 297-4342, email:

Selection committee: tel: 297-5533, email: